Removing screws from each side of speedometer

I want to rewire my ignition system. The cover appeared to be held down by two screws on the left side of the steering column and two on either side of the readout panel. However, these two have a dimple in the center of them. I can’t seem to be able to get an Allen wrench or a Torx screwdriver to get purchase on them. I am afraid to take a punch to them to flatten them out for fear of cracking the plastic cover. There must be a common solution to this issue.

Go find you local Harbor Freight and get one of their “Security Bit” sets.
It doesn’t have to be HFreight, but they are everywhere.

The Star wrenches have 2 versions ones With Dimples (security star’s) and ones With out (Regular Star) make sure you get a set of wrenches with the dimples. But I feel your pain the simple ones Suck!

Thank you. More one use tools. Momma won’t be happy.

Thank you. I have a HF near by.

The security screws are there to keep the average Joe from getting into places he shouldn’t be going. It is a silent warning of - “Refer Servicing To Qualified Personnel Only”.

What is Ironic is that a quick trip to Harbor Freight and $6.79 suddenly makes one Qualified?

Perhaps this kit should should come with a warning label that says
Enter At Your Own Risk,
Warranty Void, or
You Are On Your Own, Buddy!



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