GEM steering wheel puller

The 2005 nd newer parts manual does list a steering wheel puller that will work on all GEM models. Order part number 0115-00861. The prior GEM service manual only showed a picture of a steering wheel puller, but no part number. Automotive steering wheel pullers do not fit. Before these were available from GEM, I had to fabricate my own. The McMaster-Carr tools and materials are as follows:

steel plate 2" X 12" X 1/4" 6554K131
fully threaded grade 8 bolts 3/8" X 16 UNC 3" length 92620A636
grade 8 flat washers 3/8" 98023A031
plug tap HSS 3/8" X 16 UNC 2521A623
short length drill bit HSS 5/16" 2896A29
short length drill bit HSS 25/64" 2896A35
reduced shank drill bit HSS 7/8" 29415A46

The lower plate must not be thicker than 1/4" in order to fit behind the steering wheel. The upper plate must not be longer than 3" in order to clear the steering wheel spokes.

Upper plate:
Cut the 4140 steel plate to a size of 2" X 3". Center and mark the hole locations for the two non-threaded holes. Distance between the centers should be 2.150". Drill to 25/64" This is 1/64" larger than 3/8" to allow for misalignment.

Lower plate:
Cut the 4140 steel plate to a size of 2" X 3" as for the upper plate. Center and mark the hole locations for the two threaded holes at 2.150" just like the upper plate. Drill to 5/16" and then tap to 3/8" X 16 UNC thread. Mark the location of the large hole exactly between the two threaded holes. Drill in steps to 7/8" and cut out one side with a hacksaw.

Lubricate the bolts before using. Remove the steering wheel cover. Remove the nut holding the steering wheel to the steering column. Assemble the puller through the spokes in the steering wheel. Not much pressure should be needed to press the steering wheel off. When reinstalling the steering wheel, the correct torque is 18 ft/lb.


that is a nice unit …but the way i was got mine off was a large pry bar under the wheeland put pressure on the sterring wheel…the with the lock nut backed off about 1/2 way to protect the threads i hit the shaft with a hammer about 3 times…and them backed the nut all the way off and there it was …wheel off…i know this is the redneck way to do this but when you dont have a puller you gotta do what ya gotta do…lol it worked and no damage…