Recommendations, need a 4 wire plug that is solderless

Looking for a plug for 4 small bms wires. Prefer solderless. Want to install them on the new lithium packs. This would make connecting the modules much easier. Ideas?

How about a 4 way trailer plug?

Does it need to be water resistant? Or is this going into a box?

How about RJ45s?

I had thought RJ-11 but then reconsidered based on the use-case. Vibration probably not so great to those solid core pressed pin connections.

Yeah, that’s a possibility. There are some molex brand plugs that you can crimp the wire ends on and then assemble into a connector. They tend to be pretty resilient. Not knowing if these are going to be bulkhead mount or cable to cable this is all just an exercise in throwing ■■■■ at a wall and hoping something sticks

Want to take these 4 wires, cut them, put a connector on both ends so they can easily be plugged together. They are sensitive to resistence so prefer not to splice in some thing like a trailer plug. the least connections the better. Have to do 20+ sets of these so trying not to have to solder them all.

Start using these on everything. You won’t be sorry. The only type crimp that is foolproof.
Mark the wires of course. Not a problem for you. These don’t crush the strands but wrap them in a way that you can see the results. Also grabs the insulation.
Need the tool but well worth it.


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I have those but was looking for a plug that takes all so someone cant plug them together wrong.

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Good choice, common and well insulated.
Or deutsch plugs come with crimp pins. Dt series like dq chargers. Easy to assemble.

Thanks, ordered a few different options. When I decide on one I will ship the rest to Dave! He has a basement full of cool stuff.

You will like the dt connectors and have used them before.
Overkill large but that makes them easy to pin.

I have had good luck with these Wago connectors. Easy push button and can not hook ends together incorrectly.

Female plug (2231-304/102-000) | WAGO USA

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just bought those, or something close. Mine are green

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Saw a video testing Wago and Wago type connectors and some of the clones were really bad. Sorry, I could not find the video.

this video?

Leggo My Eggo! (1990) - YouTube

Sorry. Sorry.
so sorry…
read “wago and wago” and like a bug vs windshield at 75mph, that’s what came to mind…