Monitor cable

Any one using one of my USB to T4 cables can use this to monitor switch positions, throttle, current, and voltage while driving.
Wire numbers added since picture.

Switch from program to monitor to run.


If you want to make your own, I will draw a schematic.
It will make a mess of your wiring harness if you don’t use all the proper terminals.:wink:

This one could be removed and brought back to original with no splices or changes remaining.

Hi nice :slight_smile:
can you please show a schematic my cable are terrible

many thanks

This is simple, but hard won information. :tongue:

Illustration only. I don’t recommend cutting wires.
My cable has terminals to connect to 23p plug, thru switch, without damage to wire harness, and includes RS232 connections to computer.

Why have u given this….!!!i mean to sell!!!or else!!!

thanks for the schematics