Rear View Camera

Our GEM Car eS has the big box on the back which significantly restricts the view out the back. We use the GEM mostly at dog shows to carry dogs and grooming equipment back and forth from the RV to the show building. This involves backing up in congested areas with lots of potential for hitting something, someone, or some dog.

Today at CostCo I saw a backup camera kit for sale, wireless, and decided to give it a try.

The camera is mounted above the light for the number plate and the monitor is on the dashboard. Hopefully it will add a safety factor to backing up. I have it wired so that it is on whenever the key is on. I can turn the monitor off if needed. It acts as a good rear view mirror alternative and draws very little power.

Very Cool! Did it come with a cigarette lighter power option or did you have to splice it in?

It does come with a cig adapter but I went the more permanent route, spliced it in (soldered) to an unused wire pair under the hood. The camera would normally be tied into a lead for backup lights but since I wanted it on all the time when running and since I don’t have backup lights anyway, I used the same power source up front. The kit had long enough wire for both connections.

I also screwed down the suction cup mount as I don’t want it coming loose. I have hard doors on the GEM Car that I can lock and I could also just unplug the monitor and unclip it from the mount if I really wanted to get it out of sight.

Very Kool…!

A little off subject but you said you can lock the doors for security. How do you lock them? My GEM is a E2 2007, and I would like to lock my hard doors. Is your GEM a fairly new model? I know you can lock them. But their doors are different than mine. Thanks Barry.

Our GEM Car is a 2014 model and the hard doors have simple locks.


Our GEM Car is a 2014 model and the hard doors have simple locks.[/quote]

Thanks you…