Backup Camera

I have the big box on my eS and can’t see directly behind it. Since I need to frequently back up in crowded areas, I’m considering installing a backup camera and monitor.

I will definitely go with a wired unit and mount the monitor up high, probably directly in front of the driver next to the review mirror.

Any suggestions or things to consider? I think I can pull power from the interior light since the current systems require so little power.


Les Stallings
South of Nashville

Your a gadget freak.

I can’t have the RV with all the “gadgets”!! :slight_smile:

You also REALLY NEED GPS on the cart

Maybe a tire pressure monitoring system too?

Without a doubt. Do you have auto day/night mirror?

Auto day/night mirror… interesting!

I’ll add it to my list along with a dash camera and LED chassis accent lights.

Depending where you live, why not add those auto-install snow chains, too?

Snow is pretty rare in my red neck of the woods!

I have a backup camera on my eS… it’s a wireless camera I found on eBay for about $10… mounts on the license plate frame… monitor is in the glove box as anywhere else the brightness washed the picture out… when I have my cargo box on it does come in handy… my next add are backup lights… really BRIGHT backup lights… as a kid I came across a set of landing lights that were motor controlled… stayed tucked under the bed of my pickup… then at the flick of the switch they came on and moved down to the out facing stop point… not sure what the candlepower was but it was really bright


[B]I’ll bet that surprised the poop out of the turd following you with his brights on![/B]

Rascal… he did have warning… I had the truck mirrors and they didn’t tint… I would be blinded it was my defense… the mind of a teenager


Lets hope he learned his lesson…