Nifty new accessory: GEM Under Roof Mount Item # 2884582 $89.99

Just what I needed to simplify my mobility upgrades. If you ask website to check fit, it returns negative but I e-mailed GEM and they said the website is wrong – it’s compatible with my 2018 e4. They will be correcting website. And I have one on order.

What exactly is the under roof Accessories
Your talking about

The mount is a lateral bracket that can be used for multiple roof-level devices such as interior lights, DVD players, etc. Apologies I should have provided this link to GEM accessories: It should fit all 2016-2019 GEM models. The earlier GEMs seem to use a different roof design but I’m not an expert.

Thanks for the link and pics. What were you thinking of using this for? I see the sound bar pics. But it seems strange how far back it mounts. And a Rear facing TV mount? I
Don’t get that?

GEMs are often used for free shuttles. They offset the cost by advertising externally with wraps and signs and inside the GEM with commercials playing on rear facing video screens.

That makes sense, I could see a screen facing passengers showing adds a great tool for a free shuttle.

WRT the mount’s location, the 2016-2019 GEMs use an extruded rail for mounting seat belts, grab handles, etc. For instance, my e4 came with three grab handles: RF, RR and LR. Because the driver is short (and because I removed the rear seats in there entirety to make room for the O2 concentrator, etc), I moved the two rear handles to the driver (LF) position (notice the two p/n 7520391 Torx machine screws in the rail side). Because her seat is always full-forward, I also moved the seat belt roof bracket forward too (two screws on the side and two on the bottom). The sliding nuts inside the rail are p/n 7547806 roll-in leaf-spring nuts. Therefore the mount can be located anywhere (from front windshield to back window) along the roof rail wherever something isn’t already in that position and it can be easily relocated by sliding the nuts into a new position.

WRT to use, I’m thinking front and rear interior lights so I don’t have to drill holes in the roof. And maybe a better rear view mirror location (lower and closer to the driver). And maybe the side cameras for the panoramic viewing system. I guess I should start some new topics.

I agree I love the Rail system and how you can move things around. Gem copped this from the Ford THINK. And good for them. The THINK has the exact same style of adjustable rails or attachment points.

Hey anyone know where I can get some of the plastic insert that go’s Into the rails (the removable plastic trim that sits between the aluminum