RE: Gem parts for sale . Chargers , batteries , off road tires

Is 72V zivan charger still available? is it new?


Hi and welcome Dallis.

FYI you are responding to the wrong person in the wrong thread. The seller is (was) Michael aka @LithiumGods. The original For sale posting is linked below. It’s from 3 years ago at this point though.

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A thousand apologies, thank you anyway and happy new year !!

still have the delta q?

Never had that one, that was @LithiumGods.

I do however have the infamous knobby off road tires mounted on gem 12" rims. I kind of want to toss one in the back of the next forum member’s gem that comes by here with @GHTransport and turn it into a game of hot potato.

And I have a 96V DQ, but that’s probably not the voltage you were looking for.