Looking to buy or fix a delta Q charger for gen cart

Need a new or used delta q charger for gem car or some one that can fix mine plz HMU

Are you still on the hunt for a charger?
This has been a while. (Sept '21)

Have you tried Ebay?

I think these guys repair them.

Do you need 48 or 72v?

72 volts what u got for me

Google is amazing…

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No? Not helpful??

“Looking to buy or fix a delta Q charger for gen cart”

Post #2 and 3 were reasonable avenues of EXACTLY what you asked for.
You didn’t say anything more about your needs and what cart this charger was for.

Post #6 even offered you to a direct link to one for sale.

Perhaps you misunderstood the nature of this forum. It is a community of like minded individuals that offer FREE advice to those with problems. We embrace unique experiences, tips and hints that make the community even more valuable.

We are NOT a storehouse of inventory that is continuously stocked and readily available for purchase on any whim. Occasionally, a member will offer up spare parts they do not need or bail out another valued member if that person should need something in a pinch.

You could have even had a nice lamp.


Am looking for a motor not friends lol
Really I know that tttttt
Well maybe you are a bad seller did u think about that!
I have put back my old motor that’s why it’s on the ground mister and it’s running fine with my old motor . Any one know how to contact this wire back

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