Rattling and Clunking Noise

Hello, does anyone know what is the most likely cause of a rattle and clunking type noise coming from the front of the car anytime you release the accelerator and are coasting?

Thanks in advance!

I’m having the same problem. I hope someone can answer???

Probably a failing CV joint. Jack the front off the ground and grasp the drive-shaft and try to wiggle it up and down or front to rear. There should be almost no play. Now try rotating it - also no play. If you find excessive play, you’ve got a failed CV joint.

Thanks! But I’m not sure I understand what “Jack grasp the drive-shaft…” means. Did you mean jack up the car and grasp the drive shaft? or maybe jack up the drive shaft??? Thanks again!

You can check for play with the wheels on the ground but it’s easier if you jack under the front sub-frame and lift the front wheels off the ground. It’ll be pretty obvious when you’ve found a bad CV joint. It’ll probably be the outer one inside the rubber boot. For 2004 and older they’re around $125 for the whole shaft (left and right are different) but the 2005+ models are somewhat harder to get and more expensive.