Drive Shaft OR transmission clunk?

Ok I bought this 2008 E4 not running. It had a blowen out CV joint/Drive shaft on the passenger side. I bought a new drive shaft from NEV acessories and installed it. And I figured that was all that needed replacing. Well I have been working on the car and pushing it in and out of the garage and I could tell that I had some drive line Demond’s, cause I could hear & feel the car clunk and pop as I pushed it in and out of the drive way. Well I finally have the car running and as soon as I backed it out of the driveway major clunks and not good noise. (I only moved it like 10 feet) & said “OK” no more & pushed it back in the garage. What’s your advice where should I start looking for issues. The sound is coming from the passenger side if I had to guess.

If its a snap crackle check wheel bearings. If its a heavy knock it could be gearbox internal problems. Jack up one side and rotate the wheel. Do the same on the other. This should pinpoint the location. Another possibility is the smal bearing on the end of the input shaft. This is a grinding rattle sound.


When I jack up the car on either side and spend the wheels independently the clunk is aparent on both sides. About every 3rd rotation of the wheel produce a clunk

So if the clunk is happening on both sides when you spin the wheels Independently then that must point to the transmission correct?