Guess the Broken part? (Transmission)

In the spirt of CSI or some sort of investigation from the comfort of your computer here is my question .

I bought a 2008 E4 with what I thought had just a broken driveshaft. Put a new driveshaft in it and found out that the transmission is still clunking and or not working.

I fired up the car and placed it in drive and the motor simply spun the transmission (it’s like the car was in neutral ) . The car didn’t move forward at all but you could clearly hear the motor and the gears in the transmission turning ,then I got out and push it a few inches forward and that must have engaged the non broken gears that had teeth on them in the car moved forward.

My question to you is what gears in the transmission do you think our broken.

My hope is that the input shaft is missing some teeth. And the fix will simply be to remove the shaft and drain the transmission install a new input shaft and start over.

What’s your guess.

No way. It will be the hardest one to repair, The intermediate gear.
Else after you get the dif out, it will be fine, and something unexpected will appear. :slight_smile:

Wrong setting on the charger

Check for a loose nut behind the wheel!

Wrong Charger setting !!!
loose Nut behind the wheel!!!

Tomarrow is pull the transmission out day. If you can guess the part that’s broken you will will a special prize.

Well Nobody won! :frowning:
Looks like the Main gear lost some Teeth!

What do you guys think happend?
I bought this car and I knew it had a broken passenger side drive shaft. It was not unti I installed the new drive shaft I found out the transmission was bad.

I bought my buddy’s wrecked Gem and pulled the transmission out of it.

Make me a deal on that rear window?? The e3 I bought does not have one.

Could probably take you up on the doors as well.

Ok it’s all for sale.

Please put me on the waiting list if Mike doesn’t get the rear window, also I may be interested in the door windows.


I would be interested in the steering column cover and the windshield wiper arm

I would be interested in the rear fenders

The Rear fender is a special edition I’m holding on to it don’t ask about it again