Knocking noise

When I turn the wheel and excelerate 2001 gem 2 seater with truck bed

Hi Bellstarr

I will transfer this post into the gem section as you will be more likely to get an answer.



This question is difficult to understand. Please include more detail.

Thanks Mark

Here is more detail on my knocking…01 and when I turn the wheel hard left or right and excelerate it’s a loud knocking as if a drive shaft knocking on the floor board.

One of youe CV joints is bad. If you have a leaking boot check that one first.

Thank you Old HB

NEV Accessories in AZ seems to have the best prices on CV axles.

Used units also available on Ebay. These axles usually last forever. Does yours have a torn boot?

Yes…it has ripped off…I use this to feed my horses