Front end clunk

I have a 2001 e4 Gem that has a front end clunk only at lower speeds and only when u let of the accelerator . I have all new CV shafts on both sides and new wheel bearings, and new Disc brakes… Any ideas where to look next… Thanks

I have a similar issue on one of my Gems. My best guess (and I am not nearly as mechanically inclined as some of the other forum members) is that the gears have been worn over the past two decades and created extra space between the teeth that makes the clunking sound when accelerating/decelerating at lower speeds.

I suspect it is the rubber “damper” button that fits between the motor output shaft and the gearbox. It prevents the motor shaft from moving forward or backward when you get on or off the throttle. It is a very easy and inexpensive thing to replace by the do-it-yourself owner.

Thanks for your reply. I will replace that bumper shaft bushing to elimate that in list… hopefully it stops after replacement… thanks again

I’ve got the same problem. Did this work?

Any luck with the replacement?

I still have this issue and am imagining the spindle might be an issue?

Maybe the damper will be the holy grail and fixing this sound.

FWIW, i did this resilient bumper replacement. It was indeed quick and easy and it did reduce the “front end clunk” quite a bit, though it is not gone entirely.