Radio installation

I’m starting the instillation of a over head radio. I have drilled the main bar (roll cage) in two places. I am having trouble snaking the wire from the top hole above the driver to the one below the dash. Does any body have any tricks to do this? Thanks, Barry.

Try a vacuum cleaner, a roll of string and a cotton ball.

Stuff a small piece of cotton ball with light string tied to it into the top hole then apply the vacuum to the hole where you want the wire to come out. Feed the string into the hole and it ‘should’ find its way to the vacuum cleaner hose, provided the two holes are large enough.

Pull the wire through with the string and you’re done.

I haven’t tried it yet, but Bob you’re a “GENIUS”! THANK YOU, Barry.

Are you installing a standalone 12v battery. Is there a 12 volt wire off the controller that has constant power? (Clock and radio presets)

I assume your using a marine radio and waterproof speakers.



The DC converter should have an extra terminal or two available. Of course, the radio will only be powered when the key is on (and for 30-60 seconds after turned off) so you’ll have problems with memory settings when using only this method. You may want to add an additional 12 volt battery or even a replaceable 9V battery on the “always on” wire to the radio. This wire will usually only draw a couple of milli-amps so a 9v battery would likely last a long time.

Many car radios are conformal coated these days since the automotive environment can be pretty harsh. A dedicated marine radio may not be necessary since most installations keep the radio out of direct contact with moisture - but it’s not as weather-tight as your fully-enclosed car would be so lifetime may be shortened somewhat.