I installed a stereo in my 2002 cart radio works but I have lost all my memory in the radio what wire do I use to hook up the radio to so I won’t loose it again thanks

You lose power when you shut off the key on pre 2005 carts. You need a constant source of power for the memory function. For some radios a 9 volt battery is enough.

Do you happen to know where the constant 12 v supply would be on a 2012 4 seater?

Nope, but somebody will chime in. (maybe).

Don’t know about 2005 but some of the earlier controllers don’t provide a constant 12v w/ key off.


it has to hooked up to a wire that is hot all the time
I just installed a stereo myself I will look in the morning for you which wire I went to

on 2005 and up
you can use pin 6 on PSDM module
it has constant 12v and are fuse …Radio Power…down to the right

…not use pin A or B they are 72v…

I have a 2001 and am looking for the best solution to this as well. J.T did you have any luck identifying the wire you used? Mine has had the dc convertor recall so it is pretty sealed up!

2001 does not have constant live. Use auxiliary battery for the memory.

Thank you for the response. I found a couple suggestions that say to use a rechargeable 9V battery. I am a little confused as how I wire that battery in with resisters. Im still searching the best long term solution.

You dont need any resisters. Ground the minus - of the battery and hook up the memory lead from the radio to the positive. Just use a regular alkaline 9 volt battery. The memory function doesn’t take very much power. Should last a long time. If the 9 doesn’t do it get a 12 volt from Radio Shack - about 7 bucks for 2. (used in remote controls)

I tested just the way you described and it worked great this weekend. I was afraid of it going dead and being a pain to take everything apart to put in a new 9V. However I guess I could put it in a easily accessible spot?

When you say long time, do you have an estimate? 6 months, year… etc?

Thank you!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Please report back when it dies :slight_smile:

if it makes it through a summer I will be happy! I suppose I can make that a yearly maintenance item to change and re save station! :cool:

Nebraska, we have a GEM here in Lincoln, NE and have had a hard time finding someone to work on it. Do you know of someone around Lincoln/Omaha willing to work on these?