R4F motor coupler shims

I recently (2 months) replaced my motor with a ride for fun motor. Recently The Gem started making a clicking noise when going straight ahead. Lifting the car off the ground and running the motor/wheels did not reveal any looseness in the cv joints or noise from the cv area. I suspect I need to add the shims between the motor and drive coupling as I have heard this is a common item needing adjustment. My question is can the shims be placed on the gearbox side of the coupling because after two days of gentle persuasion I cannot seem to get the coupling off the motor. If any folks have suggestions on removing a stubborn coupling, I am all ears. I am afraid to heat it afor fear of damaging the rubber portion or motor itself.Thanks for any suggestions.

The coupling is part of the motor and doesn’t come off. Remove the motor and replace the rubber button inside the coupling. If you still have Chunk chunk gzzz gzzzz noise add a shim consisting of 4 layers of electric tape cut into a circle to fit the hole. You may have to do it more than once. Do not exceed 12 layers. If you do too much you will melt the magnet and get an 81 error. (experience talking here)I use a laser gun thermometer to make sure the end of the motor runs cooler than the case.

well, that explains why i could not pull the coupling off. As usual, Rodney to the rescue. Thank you soooo much…

Where can I source the rubber button. I do not see it listed on the polaris site?

Email me your address I have them 7 bucks.

For now make a shim of 5 layers and put her back together with the old button.

It will probably do the trick