Motor coupler for 2002 Gem car

I have a 2002 e825 Gem car that needs a new motor coupler. It’s 19 spline and has the original GE motor.
Any ideas on where I can buy one?

I got mine for my 2002 e85 at Nev Accessories for $10. Be careful when you drop that heavy motor so it does not rest on the speedometer magnet, it will crack.

Good luck,

Thanks. I do need this bumper but I also need the actual coupler this bumper goes into. Its attached to the motor shaft. It’s pressed on the motor shaft and has splines on the gearbox side.

I have a few go to websites to get my parts, in addition to NEV Accessories, you might try:


Electric Motor Sports

GEM Car Parts Direct

GEM Car High Performance

GEM Cars Ride-4-Fun

GEM - The Thing Shop

You can also try your local Polaris dealer, but they generally only support 2005 and newer models. Also, brand new motor might be an option.

Thanks Jim, I’ll try these.