2002 Gem Cart, rattle when let off pedal

Hi. I just purchased a 2002 Gem 825 E4 with 3,000 miles. The cart runs great, however when I take my foot off the accelerator during decal, it makes a vibration/rattle. I can even feel it in the steering wheel. Under load or constant load the vibration goes away. Any help would be appreciated. - Nick

Most likely is the rubber bumper on the motor to gear case spline is worn. Requires you to remove motor and replace a 50 cent piece.

Other possibilities would be the u-joints on drive shafts but I’d suspect the bumper as I had same issue on our 2002.

@Old_Houseboater has posted a number of posts here regarding this topic, search the forum.

Thanks Reddevil, i will search around. Does someone here sell the piece or have a link to where i can buy it?

I think you can order from Polaris but read up on the part here so you know. It’s a dime sized piece of rubber that goes in the splined hole in motor rotor (which mates with splined shaft out of gearbox) and takes up some of the slack in connection.

While you are fixing it (and motor is off) should examine the shaft seal and if leaking fix that too.

A change of gear lube also helps with noise.

How to’s are in this forum, just search.

the .50 cent “SPLINE BUMPER” is about 12 bucks. Noise can be reduced if the splines on the gearbox shaft and the motor coupling aren’t excessively worn. If the gear box splines are worn to a point it’s time for a input shaft kit. I stock these.


Thanks, how can I purchase from you. or do you have a webpage

Go here

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