Quick Charge Delta Q work around

Anyone have a work around to replace a Delta Q with a Quick Charge o 2005 up?

Do you mean, find a place out of the weather?

Does the Quick Charge have a NO/NC relay outputs that can be used for the interlock? Pass B+ into the COM and hook the green wire to the NC.

Interlock(green wire) on Gen2 cars need B+ When inactive (not charging) interlock wire. (goes low when plugged in to charge)

People are using these puppy’s. I like the design.

Should fit under the dash or build a splash cover?
Rubber mat maybe?

What kind of a work-around are you trying to figure out?

  • Electrical? ← Input/output/interlock/
  • Mounting location? ← Not small/Odd shape
  • Financial? ← Not cheap. GoFundMe?
  • Mental? ← Therapy/Never Enough Vodka

Straight bang bang 72 volt charger. No features. need what ever it takes to replace Delta Q electrical setup.

It’s all about the Green wire. The rules as I understand them are-

  1. To get the car to run- The Green Interlock wire needs to go to B+.
  2. To retain the function of the SOC- The Interlock wire needs to be removed from B+ when charging
    The Black Charger (B-) wire needs to be on the correct side of the Shunt. The most convenient place to hook it is the NEG post on top of the controller.

Is this car for you? Or going to someone else?
The level of complexity on how to do this is up to you. I ran into a guy that just rigged up a toggle switch on his dash and flipped it over to charge when Charging and back when he wanted to drive. → Problem solved.
It also acted like a secret lockout switch.

If this car is going to someone else - They may not appreciate this extra step. In which case you can hook up a relay that will do this switching for you. (hinted at above- More details below)

Get a 120ac relay and wire it into the Input leg of the charger. Use the NClosed contacts (when relay not powered) to run that green interlock wire to B+. When unplugged, that wire gets disconnected and the car goes into Charge mode.

Warning: This is for a 05 to 13 Gen2 car only!!!

For those reading this that have early 00 to 04 Gen1 car these instruction do NOT apply to you!!!


Depends on charger. Drive lockout is an option. Not needed to keep it simple.
Nor is the led, or temperature compensation in some areas.
Low voltage alarm must be new. I wonder if factory will program it.
$500 for a 20a charger seems fair.
Also wonder if it can be programmed for more than a 72v lithium battery.

Your question was my Plan #B and I ran into the green interlock wire ‘problem’. A simple toggle switch (Run/Charge) where turning it ‘off’ puts it into charge mode. Yes, it’s manual. Assembly required’s answer is cleaner. This is just cheap and easy. HOWEVER, the problem I encountered is that my charger also is a voltage reducer 72 to 12 VDC which is required for the car’s controls to operate. Yours may be different. Going down the road to replace that 12 volt power supply complicates things somewhat and changes the economics.

should work on 2005 thru 2013 or 2014 Combo combo delta Q after that