Imagine that, a new member with questions. I am a student of Southern Polytechnic State University and a student member of IEEE. I am trying to major in Renewable Energy Engineering Technology, but so far its not an official major, so I am really Electrical taking mechanical courses. I have an associates in Industrial Electronics, from a previouss school.
I have some really crazy ideas about running 4 motors instead of 1 on a single master contoler, I am looking for research in that area. I am a big fan of rotating mass engaged and disengaged to store power, like the GE locomotives, and even better when it is coiled and controled, like the porche hybrid. I need to find research on these theroies also. I am also looking for redirectcts from back EMF and magnetic sheilding, to smooth the breakover point and push the armature to its maximum rpms. I am excied about the new axium battery, I had something like that running on a old triumph bonniville back in the early 80’s because I cracked my battery case and it would not hold liquid. It ran through the day but I had to charge it every night. I would like to here more about cheaper batteries, weights ok as long as it can withstand 10,000 rpms. I would like to find more on stronger, super capacitors, I need to find data on coil sizing and shaping and positioning, like the E V Grey idea. Like to get some better ideas about on-board generators, maybe a small hydro-Disel… I have been told it wouldn’t work, but I can picture coiling the old radiator fan and recaptuing the back emf with a school girl circuit, but an airfoil pitch (pull not push) should be more efficient.
Well, I guess you can see why I am here. Pretty ignorant to reality I guess, and no luck with the internet searches. Sure hope I did not break any rules, but hippies never were to famous for following rules.:confused: