Hello! I am doing a report for my 8th grade English class on electric cars. For my report, I am required to have an interview in order to get credit. My teacher reccomended that I go to an electric car forum, so if you have time, could you please answer my questions? Longer responses are appreciated, but not required. Thank you.

  1. How has having an electric car changed your life?

  2. What are some of the major differences that you noticed between a regular car and an electric?

  3. What do you like most about your electric car?

  4. Are there any major disadvantages to having an electric car?

  5. Is it worth it to buy an electric car?

  6. Is there anything else that you would like to tell me?

  7. What car did you own before going electric?

To begin, I have an '82 Porsche which I converted to battery electric and is a daily driver in good weather (no heater). It has not changed my life nor did I expect it to. The major difference is having to pay closer attention to my driving. Range is limited (between 30 & 50 miles), so trips must be planned. Also, the motor in the car is a little small and tends to overheat if pushed hard so I have to watch the temp gauge. What I like most is the conversation it generates. I have an extension cord hanging out of the gas filler cap. The disadvantages are that I must be home to recharge and that it is not as fast as I might like. I live out in the country and any trip I take requires 5 or 10 miles on a county highway where others want to go 60 or 70The car will go that fast but the range decreases rapidly with a heavy foot. You might want to research the “Peukert effect” as it relates to lead-acid batteries. Worth it? Conversions are very expensive to buy and the only production car that comes to mind is the “ZENN” made in Canada. More are coming to market all the time tho. My other cars are a Toyota Avalon, a Toyota pickup and a Ford Ranger which I am currently converting to electric. Tom Thomson - Indiana