Electric car owners - share your story

Hi folks

I’m after your stories about what it is like to own and use an electric car on a long term regular basis, to become part of my new book on electric cars to be launched in early 2011.

I’ve been using electric cars for five years now and the aim of the new book is to promote electric car ownership and encourage people to try them out for themselves.

However, I’m also aware that electric cars are not for everyone. So I’d like to collate some owner’s testimonials about the electric cars or NEVs they’ve got - and I’d like to hear the disaster stories as well as the good ones.

What I am looking for is a testimonial of around 250-800 words in length. You can either write it as a short article, or if you prefer, as a simple questions and answers session answering the following questions:

[li]Name:[/li][li]State:[/li][li]Make and model of electric car:[/li][/ul]

[li]Tell me a little bit about yourself:[/li][li]How long have you owned your electric car?[/li][li]What made you decide to buy an electric car?[/li][li]What do you use your electric vehicle for?[/li][li]How often do you use your electric car?[/li][li]What do you enjoy most about being able to drive an electric car?[/li][li]What do you most dislike about driving an electric car?[/li][li]Has your electric car ever let you down?[/li][li]How far do you drive your car on an average day?[/li][li]What reaction have you had from friends and neighbors about your electric car?[/li][li]Would you buy another electric car in the future and, if so, what would you be looking for in your new car that you don’t have in your present one?[/li][/ul]

I can’t promise fame and fortune beyond your wildest dreams, but for every response that I use, I will send a $25 Amazon gift voucher, plus a copy of the new book when it is launched.

You can respond to me by either posting to this thread, or if you prefer, via private message.

Thanks in advance.


It appears nobody wants to share their story. That’s a shame.

I would really appreciate some feedback. If you’ve been using an electric car as a daily vehicle, others want to hear about it! I’ve got plenty of responses in Europe and Asia, but almost nothing from North America so far.

Many people have been “surveyed” to death, including myself. I just got a survey from Mitsubishi, which would take about an hour to complete. It asks nosy questions as well a long, involved ones. No reward for doing so. So… no thanks !!