Purchasing a IMIEV

I am going to purchase a 2012 IMIEV. I’ll be driving 46 miles round trip daily and will be using the DC chargers at various utility stations across the area. Any tips/feedback about this car and how well it does in general, and in wintry weather conditions?

If you are only doing 46 miles from home and back in one day and recharging overnight. Then you can, select B, turn off the traction control,’ floor it ’ and generally act like a boy racer, and you’ll still make it home !

The DC fast chargers take less than 30 mins to put 80% charge into the battery pack.

As a rough guide, a fully charged battery (16 bars) on the fuel gauge, returns about 4 miles per bar.

Hi My2012imiev

Perhaps you could post about your experiences for other members?

It has a range of 62 miles so you should be Ok as your trip window is only 46. do you plan on charging at your destination?