Pipe dream U.S. quick-charge map

I’ve had some free time lately, and the recent slew of electric cars that are getting close to the sweet spot price of $20,000 has re-peaked an interest I had in EVs from several years ago. The main problem that still persists, keeping me from building my own, or purchasing an EV, is range. I would like to someday travel cross country in an EV in less than a week, but beyond issues of range, the quick-charge infrastructure in the US that would make this possible is non-existent.

So, I took it upon myself to start a hypothetical quick-charge map based on the current average mileages of all commercial EVs that are on the market or will be released within the next year or so. I’ve only mapped from Denver to Saint Louis, but I hope to do the whole length of I-70 and I-15 from Washington DC to LA. I’m pretty familiar with all the rest stops and towns from Denver to Saint Louis, as I have driven this route along I-70 numerous times. However, I’m not very familiar with any other routes. If anyone would like to collaborate on this map, I would be happy to send you an email to invite you to this project so you can add your favorite places to the fray.

There are strong suggestions that I’ve placed on this project that are mentioned in the synopsis. The three main ones are as follows:

  1. No two quick charge locations can be no closer than 18-20 miles, and no further apart than 40 miles.

  2. The distance between any two alternating quick charge stations (1,3,5…) should be no further than the full range of the average EPA rating of all the current commercial EVs. The average I’ve calculated is 72 miles on a full charge based on: The Mitsubishi-i is 62 miles, the Nissan Leaf is 73, Honda Fit EV is 76 miles, and the Ford Focus is expected to be the roughly same as the Fit.

  3. Mileage from one location to the next as outlined already in each location on the map. This allows for quick assessment of distance between any three locations for calculating EV range.

I think you’ll find these restrictions challenging especially when matching them with towns on a map. There are further criteria that I’ve placed in the synopsis within the link.

Maybe the car makers will read it and take our suggestions to heart. Or maybe not. All in all, it’s just for fun.


The US Interstate Trans EV Project - Google Maps