Propane Powerd Heaters

I came across this Colman “Golfcat” Catletic Heater. It says it’s safe for indoor use? I didn’t find much info on it looks like it may be a discontinued item. It uses a 16oz Colman propane tank. It has a pezo style electronic ignition and some how it’s ok to use in a Tent or enclosed aera. I have a heater but don’t want to use any power using it. This seems like a much better more BTU stand alone unit. Has anyone used one before?

My neighbor has been using one in his golf cart for years. He has roll down curtains, not doors, that don’t seal tight so I’m sure the combustion gas escapes instead of building up inside.

I think I’m gonna pick one up and try it out. I love taking our gem out in the rain and cold. It would be nice to be nice and warm inside

Well I picked it up and now I’m doing as most have recommend to run a full bottle threw it to burn off any oil and or paint and get rid of any smell it may produce from burning oils ect.

Where do you suggest I get one?
Look online?

Well my unit will not fit satisfactory in the dash cup holders as earlier thought. The cup holder is not a secure mounting location. Due to where the window is in relation to the heater and the factory cup holder or the Colman cup holder adaptor needs some work to mount and not move. I’m gonna have to see what I can come up with. It mounts facing forward in the back seat quite nice but I realy want it to sit front and center but I’ll try it out in the back seat and see how it does.