I found a heater for my '05 GEM eS

it’s cold in CO… well not today in the 70’s but as we say ‘if you don’t like the weather now… wait 10 minutes’… tomorrow it’ll be in the low 30’s… I’ve looked at a bunch of heaters… most that I kind of like are propane… what can really go wrong with an open flame in a plastic car… most golf cart heaters are made to fit in the cup holders and have a cute oversized cup… they all hit the GEM windshield as it sits closer than a golf cart… I like the Coleman brand and have looked but the heat unit was real big… I found a SportCat… it’s flameless and has a button starter… also is smaller and sits different on the bottle… after getting a guy with a orange apron at Home Depot interested in my project he found a short pipe on a flange that holds the propane bottle perfectly… it will fit just right on the floor of the passengers side a few inches from the brake handle… because I’m out of shape and don’t know anyone with a hoist or a pit I can’t see what I might hit if I were to attach the flange to the floor with some self taping screws… anyone see a problem?
thanks for your thoughts…
I uploaded a picture… not sure where it went

really you guys and gals… nobody not looked at the underside of their car? guess I’m off to Harbour Freight for a pair of ramps :loco: