Heater Craft 72v Heater “classic gem”

I have a working heater from a 2013 Gem.
Has 3 vents and the Supporting electronics to go with it $70+ Shipping

I will buy this. Let me know how to proceed.


Send me your address and I’ll
Get a shipping cost when it’s boxed up and you can pay pal me

425 Forest Avenue Spartanburg, SC 29302

Here is the 3 vent Heater I’ll box it up today and get it weighed

Perfect, thank you very much!!

Has there been any testing on these things to see how high the V can be cranked up and they will still survive?

@yellalab - What car is this going into? The car with the SDI22?

It is. This Gem already has a heater but it stopped working before the new battery was installed.

I didn’t remember. One old post mentioned 60 miles. So not SDI22

Ok it’s boxed up and good to go.

Important, look…