Programming to make use of 90V Ford Think

OK now that I have a working car I would like to get a little more out of it. Maybe a little guidance on some concretive settings.

Please and Thank you

Change #7 down to 60. Don’t go below 60 with a stock 6 hp motor. This changes your acceleration so if it takes off too fast bump it up until you get it where you like it. Most people I know like it around 68

Change #20 to 37 or below. This governs the speed and putting this higher may fry your speed sensor going down a hill. It won’t go much above 35 mph with a stock 6 hp motor anyways unless driving down a hill.


I will start there…Thank you

I set #7 to 70 and number #20 to 30

Everything worked well, on the reverse leg of my 20 mile trip I lost my speedo. Felt the motor and could not hold my hand on it. It didn’t peel skin but uncomfortable to hold my hand on it.

Driving 28-30 MPH for 9 miles flat ground.

Question #1 how warm or hot should it get?
Question # 2 Best place to get a new pick-up for the speedo? I assumed it burnt out?

That is weird 70 affected it that much.

Put it back to 84 and monitor temps again.

What was reported top speed? Were you getting to 30?

If you take the sensor off you will probably find remnants of a broken up ring magnet. It’s a horrible design and a common failure point.

Your car drives without it? Or reduced speed?

My theory is that when it got hot the shaft expands just enough to split the magnet and it flew apart.

You can find various sources on Amazon.

31 MPH-Speedo matched GPS I could feel the controller slowing it down
Car still ran-Probably drove the last mile and a half that way. Speedometer reads zero and Trip Meter quit counting.

Should it stop if the sensor goes out?

Is the old Club Car for GE motors it?

That should be the one. I usually get the set and have a spare sensor on the shelf.
See if you can get two magnets. Be very careful installing it.
Make sure the shaft is clean and I even sanded the inside of the ring so it fit on nice and smooth.

Ok…more weirdness.

Speedo works again. I did order the new one. I changed the parameter back to 84. I will test tomorrow.

Took a short hop 25 on the cluster 33 on GPS after moving parameter back to 84.

What kind of temperature is normal?

IDK- maybe like spreading suntan lotion on the back of your smokin’ hot cheerleader wife?

Ask LG.


Any explanation as to why the speedo is so far off now? Before it quit working it was spot on.

My wife is hot, but cheerleader hot?

Could I keep my hands on that longer? Doubtful, wife would knock me out.

Motor running hot.

I don’t know what too hot is. I can keep my hand on it for a 8-10 second stretch.

I was about to change the motor out off of my second car but in doing so I found loose connections on the motor of the driver with 90 volts.

I just can’t get a good picture of the motor plate on the driver. Motor is grey if that means anything. I can see where there is a sticker on it that says rebuilt. Are the grey ones the original 4hp?

My other motor is black 6hp from advanced.

If the motor is grey, you should not even mess with the parameters. It is the 4hp motor and will burn up if pushed. This is why your motor is getting hot. I have a 4hp and a 6hp Think. My 4hp overheated when I changed the parameters to get more torque and speed. My 6hp runs 35 and stays just warm. I’m replacing my 4hp motor, once it dies.

I had a feeling that might be the case. I only changed the top speed and left everything else alone. I am running 90 volts through it though. I will probably move the top speed setting back down.

I am hoping it makes it through the summer, I just want to enjoy it for a bit. I am planning on my second Think project now. I also have two, the second one does have the 6 HP motor. Lithium for sure, not sure about the motor and controller yet.

Thanks for taking the time to reply

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Put the 6hp motor in this car for now. Use and enjoy it while you are there and while you are working on your other car. What you learn from this first car may shape the direction of build on your second.

You can get your second car running on the smaller motor and keep an eye out for a better motor since that is what you will be keeping.

I hear you…I will probably change it out in the next few weeks. I hauled it over to Put-In-Bay for the summer as soon as I found the bad ground return wire running to the cluster. I will have to just pull the motor off of my second one and have it on the boat and change it out on a cool afternoon.

Car will get used about every other weekend from now till October.

This car had the yellow and black charger with the 4 HP motor, the second Car has the Black motor with the old grey charger. Ford must have picked and chose what they replaced and upgraded as needed. Typical of my projects, what I don’t screw up myself ,starts out as a cluster F***.