Programming one T2 with saved config from another T2

Is there anything wrong with doing this? ie having saved a config from a known working T2 and upload that config into another T2 even if the saved config Revision were different?

I have no idea if the Revision number is purely user defined or if this is something associated with T2 firmware. The software gives no clues in that regard and it would not upload a saved file unless the Revision number was changed to that of what was already in the controller.

This was also a few years ago and I might have forgotten something about it but I recall restoring from one controller to a new controller mucked up a few things, including the odometer and hour meter records

I recall I had to restore from that T2’s backup parameter file.

There was an easy way that I opened the file I just tried to import / re-flash with, and printed it as a pdf, then connected to the new controller and just had both windows open and used the Mk 1 eyeball pattern matching utility to find the 5 or 6 different parameters I was too lazy to try to find the first time and and just manually typed them in and uploaded /flashed the “new” controller. I recall it was easy to open the old file that I wanted parameters’ from, but without being at that computer right now to pull up the files, Sentry software or whatever I used at the time, I can’t recall how I did it., May be able to take a look in a few hours

hmm so that’s not good and hopefully someone else can confirm your memory or correct it.

I had saved off 3 different configurations and took screen shots of the first 2 pages of each. Then I transposed each into a spreadsheet with a column for each controller settings list so I can go in and edit change by change after restoring the controller’s original config.

But it’s getting to the point in the day where I can just cover things up and go at it tomorrow. That means on Father’s Day I’ll either get a surprise and the T2 with the blown cap will work or I’ll get the booby prize and I either blow the controller further or I also burn the motor up too. Will roll the dice tomorrow. Thanks for the feedback.

Hey Doug, I read the manual over again last night and good news…
What you want to do is one of the operations (in bulk) that they had planned on it being used to do.
Now I remember, I was trying to flash an S19 rom file to the controller. That’s a whole different procedure, and, the “new” rom file might have been corrupted.

If you, or anyone reading, wants the procedure / info on duplicating controller parameters / settings, open the help file and follow the red circles

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