Problem solved…

Posted a problem about a month ago and thought the members might be interested in the solution.
Would drive about 1/2 mile and car would instantly lose all power…no error codes… wait 10 min. And was able to drive the exact same distance before loss of power again. Distance kept reducing during the testing,
General consensus from forum was bad battery. Several suggestions on how to test.
Here’s what I did…you may not agree 109% with the method but it worked for me.
Took off the spat so I had access to all batteries and lengthened my multi meter cord so I could connect to all and read while driving. Connected to battery 1 and 6….took a drive…all good. Connected to each individual battery…took 6 drives …all good. So batteries all good.
Hooked to 1 and 6…plugged in charger…over 80V…good.
So…why no error code…thinking ignition switch cause loss of power before code. Jiggled switch…all good.
Then …Voltage converter…provides 12v to ignition.
Bingo…shorted out…replaced and back on the road.
Hope this helps

People would be more likley to be interested if you posted your solution in your original thread, rather than constantly creating new threads every time you want to add a new comment to your previously posted topic.

I went back looking for the original thread and had a real tough time with all the hopping around. Last I could find you were going after some bad connections and there were a bunch of diagnostic questions asked that you never answered.

Congrats that you found your problem tho.

Was the old Converter a surepower unit? Keep an eye on it. Those things have an overload shutdown if too much load is present. After a few seconds it will come back up. I’d say this might be an effect and might not be the cause.

You must be a glutton for punishment.

Well…I was soundly thumped….and maybe rightfully so…for creating multiple threads on this subject. I figured I spelled out the problem pretty well here.
I apologize for any confusion