Greetings from South Africa

Hi everyone,
I’ve been pondering the idea to convert my one car to an Electric car.
So now I think it is time to do some research so I can get everything and start :slight_smile:

I’m an IT technician by trade YaY lol

Drag racing and circuit racing, I build my own engines and fabricate parts I can with the tools I have. I own a tig welder, mig welder, plasma cutter, and all other tools needed for what I do. (still need a metal lathe).
Car sound was also a passion, and is still to an extent.
I also enjoy firearms, competition shooting and the odd hunting trips.

Well, with all that said let me get started and hope to get my project realized :slight_smile:

Welcome and keep us up to date on your progress.

Are there any other members from South Africa on here ?

welcome you

I have a 2000 gem 4 seater. I ran the batteries dead one day, and while recharging the batteries, the error code 8888 came up. I read that I should throw the main disconnect to clear out the code. It was erased, but now I have NOTH[I]NG on the digital display and the cart will not go forward or reverse.
Please help!!

Did the batteries recharge?

I recently purchased a GEM NEV 72 VOLT. Farmed in Iowa my whole life before moving to Sun Lakes, AZ. with my wife Jackie. Been around GAS engines my whole life, and electric motors, but nothing quite like a
electric vehicle.
Yes, my batteries are charged, the lights work, turn signals, horn, but nothing else happens

Does the buzzer sound with the switch off and the brake handle down?

Please start a new thread with this problem. You might get a better response.