Prius battery pack

Has anyone ever looked into Prius battery packs to modify for GEM battery packs. I ask that only because for every chevy volt on the road, there probably is 10,000 priuses on the road…

Haven’t heard of any. It’s a small step above lead I believe.
If going thu the trouble to re-engineer, might as well go lithium.

I can see no downside to this:
Someone please buy one before I have to myself.
I’m drowning in batteries, but can’t stop looking at Bosch.
75ah seems just right. 20s= perfect.
Complete assembled package with bms port.
Brand new. Or so he says.
I’ll be glad to do the testing. Just send me one! :smiling_imp:

Sorry for hijack. :blush:

Price of course, might make Prius a viable option.

This certainly seems to be the way to go. The price of 6 new Trojan batteries is probably more money than this…

But will it work?
You don’t know what you don’t know.
Who will go first?

Anyone try these yet? I’m having battery issues and seriously thinking about these.

Prius or Bosch?
I sent the Bosch back as over priced and under performing.
The 75ah batteries were actually 60ah.
Not a big deal for used batteries. These were new, and priced as such.
The Chevy Volt gives you the most for the money. Nissan Leaf is more flexible as to mounting options.
Volt are packaged in 24, 18, 12, 6, and now 16s + 44s modules.
Leaf are 2s module and need to be wired into the size you need.

So what size volt packs work best for 72 volt Gems? I remember you were playing with an extra module to the leaf pack and getting away with the resulting higher voltage. Can you do the same with the Volt packs? I was also having a bit of brain fart. If these modules are designed to work in coolant, what about enclosing them in an antifreeze bath and in winter with its battery killing temperatures, pre heating the batteries with a circulating heater would allow output of 100% at below zero temperatures.

       Still looking at buying a GEM.  Found a really nice one on Craigslist I liked in Vegas, he stated he does not text.  No problem….. I e-mailed him, G-mailed him, called over three times on the phone, left messages….. no answer.  Finally, after 3 weeks his ad disappeared… weird.    Looking at another one with front end damage.  Does the older plastic front fit the newer 2012 style?


The volts are water cooled. My current conversion uses a 1 piece module of 44 Volt cells.
Rewired it for two 22s in parallel, 110ah. giving me a 50 mile pack. Should be a picture on here someplace. I’ll take a picture of the left overs from a 2016 Volt.
As I didn’t have modify mechanically, it still has the hose barbs on each end.
I’m thinking just filling with antifreeze will get me by, as it’s stored in garage. If not, a small tank and gravity circulation may work.

My other car uses four 12s packs. 90ah and 24s. The water jackets were cut off to fit in small space.

Found my 44s volt picture,

See the hose barbs in the middle? Right of the 33 pointing left.
This is the nicest pack I’ve found. Only 1 in a 2016 Volt though.
It fit right in my EL truck.

This is whats left. three 12s and a 16s if it was split.

Yes, it’s all batteries on the pallet rack…

Volts are very common. I’m buying more. Can’t stop. Found a Volt with 19k miles for $1500 + 250 freight.
Paid about $2500 for my 2016.
A low mile 2014 is less than $2k delivered.
Enough to do four 25M Gems or 2 50M gems.

I have used a lot of them in boats. What do you want to know? Every one needs to be aware that ion-lithium are smart batteries and have charge control limits and on board battery diagnostics in some cases coupled with charger.