Powder Coating is cheaper than you think

I am restoring two 2022 Gem Carts that were hit by Hurricane Ian in Naples. Both were in Coastal Homes. Anyway salt water does damage quickly. Fortunately, most of the frame is aluminum. But the front frame, bumpers and brackets are steel. I bought a Harbor freight abrasive blaster, spent $120 on 80 grit glass media thinking that I would blast and then paint with oil based enamel (which you can’t buy in California). Neighbors were none too happy to see abrasive media all over my driveway. And the paint smell. After an effort a friend tipped me about Orange County Powder Coating 714 532-4610. Much cheaper way to go!. The bumpers were $75 apiece including abrasive blasting and a semigloss textured finish (looks just like Factory). Frame, brackets and 4 bumpers ended up costing $500. Will sell my abrasive blasting stuff on CL, no more need.

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How are you gonna handle the Front end ? Was thinking the same but not sure if it can be removed

there are 4 bolts that hold the metal frame on the aluminum frame

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Well… dang.

Nice I think I’ll go the same route,

@js9354 can you do a whole thread on these restores ? It would be fun to follow it.

I like those new gearboxes.
They look like they split in half rather than feeding everything in through the bottom.

Awh Thanks! Now I really feel like part of a Community here! :slightly_smiling_face: I will try to post interesting “Hiccups” that I run into. For example, a real problem has been getting parts since Polaris has sold to WAEV (whose plant is just down the street in Anaheim). I’ve got an Orlando trip this month to pick the bones of this 2019 wrecked Gem to ship to California.

I’m also working on replacing the weatherproof tags on the wiring harness. (Only a type A person like AssyRequired will be interested) Someone that removes the BMC wiring might be interested.

Harness connectors, flange bolts, flange nuts, are available but it takes a while to find them. I should post links. So you guys work on souping these Gems up and I will try to add my neurotic restoration tips!

Awww, Now you are making me blush!!
But no, You aren’t really one of the fam until @jrjava starts picking on you about something.

How much of that wrecked car are you picking apart? (what are you grabbing)

I will be removing as much that is viable and that fits into a 60" x 48" x 48" tall freightbox. Even the good doors that remain.

Funny, got this car assigned to me, paid and signed the paperwork, then they called me that they would give me Cerf of destruction instead of salvage title so I let it go and they had to “buy back” the car from me.

Then it came up again and I won it but this time for $500 and they didn’t assign it, finally it came up 3rd time and I missed it because I was on a plane.

Nice deal you’ve got, it has everything to get one flooded car up and running .

Yes it would be great to see the build process.
Better yet I could see it making a great 30 Min +
Rebuild Video.