Potential ? or dumb?

I was bored at work and kept thinking about how much waste goes into an E Motorcycle. In a car the alternator provides the electricity to run the thing you only need a battery as a buffer and to start the thing. On the EV’s I am seeing grass roots wise we load the thing up with batteries hook it all up and hope we get there (more or less)

So the thing that bugs me is that the rear wheel is spinning it gets us there it is where the power hits the ground. The only thing we are using the power for is to get us there.

Wait for it…

What if we could turn say a 6 spoke rim into a generator… :eek:

I know i know… :confused: ok magnets in the swing arm they are stable to the wheel anyway… copper around the spokes wires into the hub… negative to the brake side positive to the sprocket side, with brushes contacting copper plates (brushes stationary plates atteached to brake disc and sprocket)

See what I am getting at?:rolleyes:

It’ll handle like garbage but on a cruiser who cares…just get the balance right, and it in theory would work? how much power???

Need someone that knows something about Electricity to tell me no way.


the extra weight, and inertia of the wheel, magnets etc needed to provide enough energy to HELP is going to be more drag. More drag=more work required.

Plus, the efficiency losses of the generator, to battery, to controller to motor wouldn’t be worth even loading the extra weight of copper/magnets/etc into the wheel. Plus, the weight IN the wheel requires tons more energy.

Basically its been discussed on this forum before, do a search. People have asked about wind, or hub generators… they don’t realize the basic laws of physics.

Grab any DC powered perm magnet motor you have laying around and spin the shaft. Make a mental note of how freely it spins.

Now dead short the power leads on that motor together then try spinning it, or spin it first then dead short it while it’s spinning. Make a mental note of how it doesn’t want to turn anymore or if spinning, how quickly it slows down.

The reason the idea of using another generator won’t work is because if the generator is charging, there is a load on it. The more power it’s putting out, the more load and the harder it is to turn. This then requires even more power to move the vehicle in the first place in order to spin the generator to try and scavenge some power back out of the system.

It just doesn’t work… unless it’s only utilized while going downhill or while slowing down, then it’s called regenerative braking which is already common and doesn’t need re-inventing nor another generator as the main electric motor already is a generator.

You could haul a trailer with two dozen solar panels attached…hehe

That in fact has been done.