Possibly a dumb question...can the roof be swapped to the new panoramic version?

Wondering if the roof on a 2016 E4 can be swapped to the new clear panoramic version Polaris offers?


I have checked on the price of a Clear roof for a 2022 E6 that was damaged. Interesting, it is only about $50 more than the white aluminum one costing around $650. But the cost from the factory on a new Build Gem is $1100. The problem may be that it lies in the tubular channels that travel the width of the GEM. If it lays on top with sealant, that would be a piece a cake to change. But if you need to separate the roof struts, it would be a problem. I too like the look of the clear roof. Will return to this post if I end up replacing the roof.

Sounds like you were quoting part + installation or just the part and you added that installation could be difficult as an aside notice?

Yes my suspicion is installation will be difficult. I will be working on this E6. As you can see it appears to has a a hole in the roof.
This will be my next GEM project to post on the Gem forum. I’ll post when the Gem comes in.

If you are wanting to keep it looking cherry then ya, gonna need a full roof replacement for big bucks.
If not so big a deal it’s cherry but still looking good, how about cutting a hole(rounded corners) across most of the width to remove the broken section and then using UV cured optical grade glue and glue down a flat sheet of acrylic over the hole. Maybe a 2" overlap. The glue is not cheap and you might have to practice to get it bubble free but should be way cheaper than a complete roof replacement.

As you see the cost of a full clear roof is $620. Nice idea to do a partial replacement, but I need to make this right.

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