Possible electrical issue

Hello! I have an odd electrical issue where it sounds like the turn signal flasher is constantly clicking although the turn signals are not on, nor are the emergency lights. The noise stops when there is pressure to the brake pedal. Also, the backlight on the cluster flickers along with the clicking. Could the flasher relay be the issue? On the cluster, is the bright green backlight supposed to be on at all times or only when the headlights are on? I don’t think mine is working properly. Does anyone have a part number for the e-brake switch? If not, do you think it is ok to wire in a little toggle switch to trick the cluster so the light will turn off?

Usually the parking brake switch can just be cleaned. I took mine apart and sanded the contact areas and then put some dielectric grease on it. Has worked perfectly for years. A toggle switch would work as well.

If you’re talking about the cluster back lighting than yes it will always on until you turn the key off and apply the parking brake.

Just remove the turn signal relay and see if that’s your clicking noise. It slides into the multifunction switch (turn signal switch) It sounds like a ground issue though.

So the clicking turns out to be the DC/DC relay. It continuously engages and disengages. Any ideas why it may do this? Could it just be a bad relay?

Are you talking about the 12 volt dc/dc relay? If so check to make sure you have over 12 volts at the two red/blue wires while it’s clicking. Next check the gray/white wire for a good ground to the relay. If that all checks out replace the relay