Left and right turn signal issues

On the display panel, the flasher does not blink when I use either the right or left turn signal. Also on the exterior rear of GEM, just solid red lights, no blinking to let driver behind me know if I am turning.

What does this mean?

The harness connector right under the hood going to the front signals and lights will corrode after a few years. But not so likely if you live in Coronado where road salt is not used. All four of our GEMs have had this connector redone with crimp on bullet connectors and vasiline to keep the salt out. Check the flasher relay. Just remove it and take into any auto parts store. These are inexpensive and easy to replace. Look for loose or damaged wiring. Do the brake lamps function correctly? If both lamps are bright, your brake light switch may be stuck on and will affect the flashers. The switch travel is adjustable. This has been fairly common on our GEMs and has run down the batteries a few times. Coronado is a nice place to live, especially this time of the year. Lived there two years while in the Marines.


I replaced my relay with a loud clicker electronic relay from AutoZone (LF12) $10-$12. I like it because being an old man I can hear it and it handles a variable load up to 10 lamps with no change in flasher speed.

Where did you find the flasher is it under dash or where

[QUOTE=dcpeg1;12417]Where did you find the flasher is it under dash or where[/QUOTE]

Under the right dash. I do think the electronic flasher relay is better than the thermal one.

same thing happening to me!

[QUOTE=chuckkent;12418]Under the right dash. I do think the electronic flasher relay is better than the thermal one.[/QUOTE]

Thanks i found it.

chuckkent: ‘being an old man I can hear it’. glad I’m not the only one who can’t hear or see… I found a ‘squeeker’ on eBay a little more than what you paid but it also works as a little noise for the pedestrians who aren’t watching…

I have an 05 GEM- fuse for the signal/brakes blows as soon as its replaced, any thoughts?

hi don9724 welcome… I’m far from an electrician and would be off to the garage where I have the work done on my car… it really sounds like you have a direct short… check all your lights… one may have a wire that is touching metal along the way… is the fuse the correct amperage?

here is a link to the schematic… http://www.gemcarpartsdirect.com/partsmanual/2005/electrical.pdf


Hi Daniel:
Were is the indicator signal light located?

Pull the dash off, it’s on the passenger side at the top of the electronics cluster. Looks like a small silver can a bit larger in diameter than a quarter and about an inch tall.

Something like this:

If you plan on using LED turn signals, you will need an electronic flasher rather than the old thermal mechanical style shown above. I’ve had good luck so far with the NF-EL12 one from NAPA auto:

They also make an extra loud one, I don’t recall the part number though.

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Highly appreciated!!!


For a 2017 Gem is the location of this relay in the same area under the dash?

Not sure, somehow I doubt it though. We’re talking about 2000-2004 vehicles above.