Polaris RANGER EV Li-Ion Camo

While best known for its GEM range of neighbourhood electric vehicles the introduction of the new off-road Polaris RANGER EV Li-Ion Camo has certainly caught the attention of enthusiasts. This is the first vehicle introduced by Polaris since its acquisition of battery manufacturer Brammo Inc.

The bullet points are: –
[li][B]New Li-Ion battery offers three times the life of a traditional acid battery[/B][/li][li][B]A 100% increase in range capacity which is now 50 miles per charge[/B][/li][li][B]462lbs/210 kg lighter than the old Polaris with faster acceleration[/B][/li][li][B]Three modes of transport, everyday use, hard work and maximum range capacity[/B][/li][li][B]More accurate battery monitoring system[/B][/li][li][B]On vehicle diagnostics for easier servicing[/B][/li][li][B]1500lbs/680 kg tow capacity[/B][/li][li][B]Improved traction system[/B][/li][li][B]10 inch ground clearance[/B][/li][li][B]Improved front and rear suspension[/B][/li][/ul]
We look forward to further details and reviews of the RANGER EV Li-Ion Camo.

The new GEM line appears to be LiOn powered also. BIG range increase.