P0204 code on Dodge caravan - Shuddering and lack of power

Hi everyone,

I’m just about at my wit’s end here.

While driving along the highway a week ago, my 2002 Dodge Caravan 3.3 began to shudder. It felt like I was driving through puddles and the car was slowing down a tiny bit from the resistance, but I wasn’t actually driving in any puddles.

Soon, the engine light came on. I did the three key click diagnosis and it showed P0204 (Injector #4 Circuit failure). The car still idled, and never stalled, but pressing on the accelerator resulted in the vehicle hesitating as it tried to take off.

The exhaust sounded a bit deeper, much as it would if the vehicle was leaving in maybe 2nd or third gear instead of 1st.

I searched a X431 seems OK and considering whether to buy one.Did anybody have got one? If you had your car checked,please tell me your experience.