14 el XD having problems again

Well folks, it’s been a little over two years that the car has ran flawlessly. Last time it was a wet controller. A few weeks ago it started with some new symptoms, running down the road the speedometer will be reading correctly at 23 MPH and then jump to 83 for a few seconds, then fall to zero. When this happens the car stumbles. It goes back to the correct speed and away you go. Also something seems to be getting wet when it rains. We can just park it out in the rain for a short time and it won’t move, let it dry for an hour and all is good again. Haven’t had time to pull the controller, but if it was wet it wouldn’t dry itself out. This car has around 12K miles and is still running the original 8V AGM batteries. Might be time to trade.

Link to previous thread.

Did you clean and lube the connector after problems last time?

Yes, connectors were cleaned and coated with dielectric grease.

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I got nothing!
dc-dc maybe. Do lights flicker as well?

Are you sure it is an 83 that appears on the dash? Does the Wrench momentarily come on also?

What motor is this? Pull off the speed sensor and get a look at the magnet. Anything else going on in there?

It could be an 88…
… That’s why it’s going Back In Time to 2 years ago.

Sorry I’ve been a little slow to get back to this, been busy with other projects. Plus it hasn’t rained since I last posted until today.
A little update,it’s raining today. Housekeeping called and said van won’t go, just jumping when you press the accelerator. Drove it to our shop, no speedo and error 81. Checked magnet, tight. Unplugged harnesses, cleaned with contact cleaner spray, then applied dilectric grease.
Take off again, speedo is working now. At 11 MPH it stalls and gives the error 81. Slow down and speedo starts working again. It’ll run as long as you don’t try to go over 11 MPH.
Going to pull the charger again and see if it’s wet, I’ll post back later.

Going to pull the charger again and see if it’s wet, I’ll post back later.

Interesting diagnostic direction. Why would you think this is a charging issue?

Look real close and watch where water is going when it rains. From the factory there is a rubber flap installed at the dash bulkhead and going forward over the controller and charger shelf. Is that still in place? Are there any tears or holes in it now?

Have a good look at the 3 pin plug connected to the speed sensor. It may need a blast of compressed air. or a hit with a hair dryer. Look for brakes ir cuts in the wiring/insulation.

This may also be a pedal problem. Is yours mounted with the Sensor out in front under the hood?

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Shoot it. Light it on fire. Crush the carcass with a bulldozer. Shoot the pieces into a decaying orbit around the sun.

but wait…i thought the Gods shined light all over anything over a 2004 and older car?

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You are so predictable.

Never said it was a charging issue, but when there was water in the charger before it caused issues with the 12V control circuit.
I know very little about an electric vehicle, I’m a semi-retired truck and heavy equipment mechanic working as a maintenance tech for a small State Park.
I know our park system at one time had around 50 of these vehicles and this is the only one that I’m aware of that hasn’t been scrapped. Most of them lasted less than two years. If I can fix it at minimal cost I will because our housekeeping staff loves it.

Ah, (being a '14) having the DCI.
That makes a little sense. But it would not be the cause of the 81 issue.
You’d seem more of a whole cart rolling blackout effect.

That’s what it was doing before.
What gets me, it only has to sit out in the rain for this to start. All flaps and covers are intact, no mods whatsoever have been done.

Those chargers are pretty well protected on the late model classic bodies. Plus they are supposed to be water sealed. At least water resistant. Are we talking monsoon level rain here? What park if you don’t mind us asking

No monsoon rainfall, just a steady rain today.
Moro Bay State Park in south central AR.

Ok, I looking around with a light I noticed water standing on the terminals of the brake light switch. Unplugged the switch and problem went away.
Another symptom I forgot to mention when it would stall at 11MPH, if you let off of the accelerator it was like it had dynamic braking. I guess there was enough current passing through the water to confuse the electronics, but not to light the brake lights.
Thanks for all of your insights and suggestions! Until next time, Jeff

Iirc, the brake light switch and the brake Regen switch are different switches on the late models.

And that makes way more sense than the Delta q

When the Delta q was wet before it would lose all power to the dash and stumble, sometimes stopping completely.
After I opened it up, poured half a cup of water out and dried it with a heat gun there have been no problems till recently.