'14 eL XD electrical problems

Hi all! Newbie here with a problem. We’ve had this Gem since new, never had problems before, just regular maintenance.
Yesterday it started having issued while driving, the dash display would flicker and the car would stumble. This morning if I try to drive it the display goes black and the car stalls. Sometimes the display will flicker on and off, and there are relays clicking. Sometimes the display goes black for a while, then comes back on.
I’ve checked battery connections, all clean and tight, fully charged. I’ve checked all fuses. I’ve shaken all wiring and plugs, but cannot get the display to flicker. I know it sounds like a loose connection, but I’ve yet to find one.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Do you have power to anything or is it completely dead? If you don’t have any power you should probably check the other end of the positive and negative cables. If you still have power at some accessories I’d pull the dash and check all cables there as well as the plug to the controller and make sure it’s properly seated

Heavy keys can cause key switch to fail.

It seems that all power fails. I have checked all battery cable connections as well as all cables and plugs behind dash. Even removed the main relay and cleaned the contacts on it. Problem still persists.

Key switch has been replaced with a toggle switch.

Ok, after further checking, 72 volt system to the power distribution box is constant, 12 volt system seems to be the problem. Tied a test light into the power outlet on the dash and the light goes off as power is lost. Hooked up multimeter to battery cables at the distribution box and had power at all times.
Can’t duplicate the problem in the shop, but take off down the road and it’ll quit in less that 200’. Display and test light just flickering on and off. Wait a few seconds the lights will come back on, but try to take off it just cuts out again.

think you have water inside your charger that have the dcdc inside
you can open charger and have a look

That could be a distinct possibility, it’s been raining here for days.

Ok, I can make it run by tying a 12V battery into the power outlet, so I guess that confirms the problem is the dc-dc converter.

on 2014 car they mount charger so stupid
all water from window will go down directly on charger that are mounted upside down

Yep, same here. Not sure what we’re going to do with this one. Motor is making a ticking noise too, so it might be time to trade.

the ignition switch is the cheapest and easiest to swap out and they are known to fail. If all your battery connections are tight and your getting good voltage readings if could be something inside your Charger assembly box. I had a loose/failed circuit board solder that went bad inside my Delta Q 72 volt Battery Charger. These Boxes are constantly getting shaked when going over bumps and even under normal driving conditions. It should be fairly easy enough remove the Delta Q and shake the box - if you hear any parts moving inside the box - remove the screws and test all connectors inside the box and look for loose solders.

A new Delta Q charger is not cheap - typically around ~$400 but usually it’s just a loose connector or solder that came loose inside the box. If this doesn’t work - it’s probably time for a more expense professional maintenance mechanic that specializes in Electric Vehicles (EV)/ Polaris GEMS

I’ve determined that the issue is the charger/converter, the problem is water intrusion. Pulled it today and poured about a cup of water out. Just wondering if there’s any possibility that it would work once it dries out?

Wow - that’s awful :astonished: - As long as nothing fried during the process - you might be able to salvage it after completely drying it out. Pull the cover and multiple direct sunny days of drying should help. Make sure you let everything throughly dried out completely before plugging it back in.

Sounds like you need to do some better protection from the rain. I keep my GEM outside under a shade tree but have a fairly good Golf Card cover (ran about $65 via Amazon) that does a pretty good job protecting it from the rain.

I dried the charger out this morning using a heat gun, ran it for almost two hours. Reinstalled the charger and it is working as it should. Only time will tell how long it will last.

Waaa Wooo - hopefully you checked all the connectors and solders while you were in there? :slight_smile:

These Delta Q Chargers are fairly well regarded and are used by most EV conversions. But like with any circuit board controller - they do fail and break. :frowning:

You’ll have to report back on how things are going after a month or so of use.

Well folks, so far so good. After drying the charger/converter the car is going strong. If more problems arise I’ll be back. Thanks to all that responded.