I have a gem 2002 code 04 I known it is related to brake handle,
switch good wires to pwb good what else could it be?

04 code shows when you turn on the switch with the brake handle up. When you put the handle down the code goes away and the main solenoid engages, If it doesn’t adjust or replace the switch.

(code 04) ok I did that , and check switch with my ohms meter, switch good , wires leading to pwb good , volts coming out of wires to switch only 5,5 volts where else can I look.

5.5 volts is Ok.

do you still have the 09 code

if you do try unplugging wire from one side of the switch

I still got code 04 I try unplugging wire by switch jumping wires, etc, someone told me the volts should be 12 volts.

Be careful of what someone said. Control voltage from the controller is 5+ volts.

When you start jumping wiring be sure you know what your doing. Minimum GE Controller Repair from Flyte Systems Industrial Products is $354

Ok there is three wire on the hand brake switch one is 5.5 volts which one of the other do you jump ,because either one doesn’t work to activate the line contactor

I believe its the top 2 wires that close the run circuit HOWEVER Its been awhile. If somebody doesn’t chime in I will check my machine and get back with you in the morning.


Switch check out.

1 remove wires

2 handle up - top and bottom terminals - passing

3 handle down - top and middle terminals passing

If it checks out here is next question - does buzzer sound with handle down and switch off?