Own Mobile Charge Station

This might be some important news to some EV enthusiasts.
If you know of the Bedini technology it will be nothing new to you. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t get your shirt in a knot, just be sure to check it out in my no profit website pages, Schematics Illustrated for one. http://www.fight-4-truth.com/Schematics.html, through to my hands on Work Shop and other pages. In fact, if you have the ability, you can build it all yourself according my drawings pictures and some instructions for free!

Here is a short comment from my battery and parts page:
EV battery banks:
Electric Vehicle battery problems stem mainly from the wrong chargers used, which are killing the dipole and herewith your batteries slowly but surely. There is a charger now available you can by for your EV which enhances life of your EV battery bank! http://www.r-charge.com/E-Car.htm

If I would own an EV, the first thing I would make sure is that I would be setup with my independent/own mobile-charging-station!
I’d build myself a 10-coil rotary Bedini SSG Radiant Energy Charger running itself (

on a small garden tractor battery with an automatic starter and shut down, charging the battery bank by demand whenever the EV-motor and all power is disconnected from the bank.
Eventually I’d run my EV with a Bedini motor/s much more efficient if not charging the bank with the same motor/pulsar while I’m running it!!! Down hill at least, for starters!