OMG that turn signal alarm is annoying

The 2008 GEM e4 we have will sound a loud alarm if I leave the turn signal on for too long. Who the heck thought up that solution? Why not just wire up a little tone generator to the turn signal so you are slightly annoyed but have a constant reminder that your blinkers are on? It’s not a new concept since it’s in every freak’n car on the road since time began. Prior to the 90s the relay for the blinkers was loud enough to be annoying but then they were not so they added a tone to be played when the blinker is on and sometimes it’s not even in time with the blinking, just a repeating tone while the blinkers are on.

/end of rant

It was thought up by the same assclown who put the backup alarm beeper inside the dash.

I almost crashed when mine first went off. Found it, put a thick piece of tape over the sound hole.

I might try and scrounge up a ticker that clicks with the flash of the active light.


not doubt, so useless.