sitting inside my house all of sudden alarm goes of in gem car. Not the back up beeping but regular continues alarm/buzzing sound. Will not go off unless key in on position and driving forward. If key in off position buzzing still is on. Makes no difference if emergency brake in up or down position. The brake code disappears after lowering brake but still makes noise. Thoughts???

I have 2 gems and if I remember correctly one of them did this a few years ago. Honestly, I think I disconnected the buzzer under the dash and I haven’t had a problem since that I thought the buzzer was trying to tell me about.

But before you do that, of course, try disconnecting the battery pack with the switch for an hour and then turn it back on and see if it cured itself. Good luck!

check out the switch on the hand brake. You can also silence it by puting it in turf mode when parked.

tried putting it in turf mode and buzzing continued. parking brake code comes up when parking brake on and then code goes away when put down but noise persists. thinking of disconnecting buzzer thoughts???

Sorta like wearing a MuMu it’s still pregnant.

what year is your cart ?

the year is 2002

How did you disconnect the buzzer, we have a 2007 Gem, alarm sounds until key is turned on. Alarm is on even with key not in the ignition. Thanks

Did you get your buzzer sound fixed. We have the same issue. Thanks

Alarm will sound if parking is not applied when parked. Its supposed to;


Even with no key in the ignition

Yes. Standard safety feature. 'Designed to alert you car is free to roll if unattended.

Thank you, appreciate it

That buzzing with the brake released kept some punks from rolling my GEM out of the driveway and down the street one night. My wife hear the buzzer and they ran when she opened the door. Surprisingly, I now use a queen sheet wrapped around the door kit twist nubs by the brake lights then pull it over the steering wheel and front passenger seat and nobody tried to get in it. Too much hassle I guess trying to figure out how to remove the cover as opposed to just jumping into an open GEM.

The buzzer can be a handy thing too.

This is an interesting thought and heads-up.
I often thought about having a frame dropping air suspension would be neat for anti-theft. Either out front of your own house or out running errands, it wouldn’t take much to push these things out of a parking space and down a hill.

Maybe having a couple of 4x4’s lag bolted to the bottom of the car for it to land on when you drop pressure out of the shocks? It would be a hell of a parking brake and if you hid the button to jack it up it would make a hell of a noise if someone tried to drag it away.

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And easier mechanism doing similar effect would be a linear actuator which lowered a drag bar.

If I didn’t think I would forget it or forget to tell someone I loaned the vehicle to I would put shocking pins in the drivers seat which activated when the secret switch wasn’t opened.

BTW, I had someone siphon about 15 gal of diesel fuel from my truck last Thursday night. It did not have a locking door nor cap. It now has a locking cap and i have plans for similar high voltage surprises if someone busts the cap and pulls more fuel.

How will you stop the thief with an ice pick and a bucket? Standard way of gas theft during the depression according to my late father .