02 E825 constant buzzer alarm


I have an 02 GEM E825 that I have owned for years. It runs fine but it has a constant alarm or buzzer. It won’t quit even if you turn the key off and take it out of the ignition. I have to turn the main switch to the off position to get it to stop.

Any ideas?

Faulty parking brake switch

Can I simply disconnect the alarm?

Yes you can

How can you disconnect the alarm?

A 4lb engineers hammer works beautifully…

Eh… So on the 99-04 years, the buzzer was an independent device under the dash that you could simply unplug. On your 06, it’s a component part of the PSDM board (the circuit board with all the fuses on it). Disconnecting it would require desoldering of the component. Best bet for simplicity if you don’t have the tools or experience with that is to gag it. You’ll have to take the dash apart and look on the board for a black cylinder about the diameter of a dime and about 1/2" tall with a hole in the top. Find it and put a piece or two of foam tape over the hole.

Or, there is that hammer…

This is a safety feature to protect pedestrians. Why do you want to disconnect it?

do you have a -04 displayed on the gauge?

Keep from waking up my neighbors when I leave at 5:30 in the morning.

Jcbellis - Sounds like you are trying to silence your reverse beeper?

What year is your car?

From another thread, it sounds like it’s an 06