2005 GEM EL - Buzzing Noise

I have a 2005 GEM EL. I have a buzzing noise that won’t shut off. When going in reverse the back up peep sounds funny.

I saw on a post someone purchase a emergency brake switch (?) on Amazon for $15. I can’t find the link or the post. If you know can you help provide me with the information. This buzzing noise is trying me nuts.

Appreciate your feedback!

Along with the buzzing do you also have a brake light warning on your dash pod display?

I think the 05 will still allow you to drive off with your brake pulled up. Later models will not move the car if this switch is faulty. This switch needs to be closed to go/shut off the beep.

If you want to check if related to the e-brake pull up your seat and have a look.
On top of the hardware you will find switch with two wires. Pull off one of the wires and jump it to the other and see if it stops. Take a close look at the switch and you may see the lever sticking out of the bottom. Use a small screwdriver and lift it a bit and listen for a click. It is possible that it just needs a little tweak.

Maybe not and you need to swap out this switch.

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Thank you for your reply. I found out it’s my switch disconnect 100A. I am trying to find a replacement switch.