My solution for non-cancelling turn signals. MOAR LIGHTS!

In the few weeks I’ve been using my GEM I have been very bad at turning off my signals once I make a turn. Why these don’t have auto-cancel I will never know. Too expensive I suppose.
Anyhow, I tried the "buzzer sound for turning signals" mod that fella sells on ebay. The kit itself was very VERY nice and reasonably priced, but I just wasn’t a fan of the beeping sound, especially when I was sitting at an intersection.

I had some old led strip lights from a previous project so I cut one in half, double stuck it to the window and wired it to the turning signals. Hopefully all the flashing in front of my face will trigger my dumb brain to turn off the signal now after my turn is complete.

That’s a cool idea, yes a bright white flashing in your eyes should do the trick :wink: Have you tried it out at night?

Not yet.
But for the sake of perspective I’ve never driven the GEM at night so far.

You might be onto something though. I’ll keep you posted.

If all your doing is driving during the Day then what you have is the ticket. I think at night the turn signal indicators you have in your mirriors will work just fine to let you know. You could always wire your “heads up” indicators so that when the headlights are on the heads up ones dim or turn off. Either way I think you came up with a cool soluution

Thats a solid point. Good idea. Thanks!

That’s a pretty cool solution. I have to ask the question; do you not use your mirrors? It would seem that the lights in them would do the trick as well.

I thought so too initially, but after driving it a bit I found the side mirrors lights are just enough outside of my periphery to not capture my attention, especially if I am around traffic and looking for morons trying ot kill me.

I went down the road a bit today and tried them out and they were just right. Not too bright but not easy to overlook.
The more I think about it the more I’m not too worried about them at night. If anything they light up my face just enough to make the GEM stand out as an unusual light show to people in cars…hopefully causing them to be more careful around me.

Makes sense. Concerning night driving, IF you find them to be a problem, it would be pretty simple to use a photo sensor to dim them at night. I’m with you that it probably won’t blind you, but if it does you have options.

Yep, or even a basic relay wired to the headlights like Grant suggested.

What do most Gems use for a flasher?
I see a project in the works.

If you’re gonna turn this into a project, maybe have it play an audio file that says “turn the damn blinker off” or something after a preset time of being on. LOL

The best solution/mod is for them to just auto-cancel. :smiley:

For me a counter would work. A flasher that flashes ~50 times and turns off.
Retriggerable timer or counter.
Only practical if flasher is discrete and accessible.

How would you deal with the resetting of the lever? Would it just stay in position and reset next time you use it?

Yes, it would finish a cycle and wait for the next change.
Not perfect. If lever was left on it would go through another cycle when starting the car.
If timed out too soon toggle the lever.
Unfortunately, from the schematic, I don’t see a flasher. Looks like electronics in PSDM. :frowning:

Looks like if the flasher can’t be removed, you would have to put your circuit in the path between it and the switch and just open a relay after a period of time (or count of pulses) and then monitor the impedance on the switch side to trigger a reset.
All depends on what’s in the PSDM and whether the flasher is a continuous pulse that gets routed to the bulb or if its a mechanical flasher that turns on when the switch provides a ground.
Of course at that point you might just remove the stock flasher and build a circuit to provide the pulsed signal with a timer. Or just train your brain to shut it off when finished turning :slight_smile:

I need another project. Do you think it would be helpful?
Can’t think of a downside.

I’m not sure how broad of appeal it might have. I think you would have to make it a very simple install and maybe have it sound a quick loud beep when it cycles off to remind the driver that its working.
I don’t think it will be as big of a hit as your MM, but who knows…

Looks to get complex. I’ll wait for more interest.

Me personally I’m not a fan of the counter, but that’s just me. It’s a nifty solution though.

Strange there is no relay for the flashers though. I never hear one. Especially strange since all the signaling system is all the old fashioned lightbulb style which needs the power. (as opposed to LED)