Off topic Salinas Ca

Anyone have a contact in Salinas Ca.?
I want to pick up a gift for my brother. Local pickup only. He’s a Linde forklift guy.

I might be able to help. Let me check my schedule for next week and see if I’ll be down that way

Tnx, he is no longer replying. So someone else may need to ask him. :slight_smile:
I tried to send him money, but hes said cash only. :frowning:

Maybe he dinged by CAL/OSHA, that operator isn’t wearing his seat belt.

He was insulted by me offering to send paypal or venmo. Told me that he has been scammed before.
I can’t find another rc Linde forklift. My brother’s fav.

Offended? Really?

What a colossal primadonna ahole.

Hope someone passes him counterfit bills when they buy it…